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A weirdo lady.
Bali, Indonesia.

September 11, 2014, 12:31 AM
Happy 16th!

Hi guys it's nice to see you again. Haha. It's been awhile huh? Yeah I've been busy this lately. So many things to handle.

So, today is September 10th. My 16th birthday. I'm still young LOL. Nothing special, I just spent my day with my family. And I'm happy that there was no 'that' surprise. I felt relieved.

Yeah.. a year ago I got many crickets from my friends. How nice they were! I cried so loud. How can? I am an entomophobia (fear of insect). Geez... I got trauma after that. Ya, days before my birthday I can't think straight. What if they give me that again? Hurrrr OTL.

But today they were so nice haha. Just a little surprise. But, I'm happy. :D

I love you guys. To the moon and back. *kiss one by one*

Happy birthday to me! Xoxo.

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