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A weirdo lady.
Bali, Indonesia.

August 17, 2013, 12:14 PM


First i want to say, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA!! 68th rite? Almost 69 haha -ukwim- lol #slapped

Im boring....and yeah i never update this blog again. Lazy, busy, and blablabla. This blog wont like the past full of something. Maybe this blog will full of nonsense later. But whatever this is mine hahaha xD

Im more active at twitter. My lil cute micro blog hehe. If i have mood i will update the layout. Em...about layout. I never make the new one again. So hard to find mood making even touch that thingy again ._.

And if u want to see me maybe u can contact me at my fanacc; @fyalmighty or this acc; @OFFICIALWUFAN but im there just update about Kris or just seeing update of EXO and Kris. Not really playin roleplay there. My bro does. Im just updating...

And Happy Eid Mubarak -what this is so late-. This photo i take when Eid Mubarak hehe ouo;;

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